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Zoey-Red LeFey
Published by: Zoey-Red LeFey on 23-Aug-19
Chain of Websites, Chain of Information

The internet is not just a source of information, it has also become a platform for amazing online businesses.  Websites, themselves, have become great channels to earn income.  However, the only way to make them as profitable as possible is to ensure that there is a considerable level of traffic and a significant amount of interested customers.  More visits, subscribers, referrals, leads, and even feedback are indeed what most website owners are aiming for.  

Referral links in similar but non-competing sites have shown to be a powerful marketing tool.  These links create positive traffic jams on any website.  Visitors are attracted to stop by and explore a website with several of these referral links.  Some visits to sites may be unintentional but can lead the surfer to what he is looking for in the first place.  

Recent studies have shown that around 50% of internet surfers have gone to a particular website first time through a referral link.  Meaning, without these links, some websites may not have been discovered by people.

What would be even more interesting is when these visitors brought in by referral links turn out to be customers.  This process is termed as conversion.  Obviously, these types of visits do not only cause website traffic, but they also bring in more business for the owner, especially if the website owner's business is primarily dealing with selling a particular product or service.  Moreover, if these customers happen to be satisfied with the product or service, further visits and business transactions may be expected in the future.  The relationship becomes more long-term and there is a potential for buzz marketing.  Therefore, it is possible that even without additional effort from the owner, word-of-mouth will do the rest of the marketing.



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